Tales of the Cocktail | The Two Words That Could Save You (And Your Career) From Burnout

When you spend your days (and nights) behind the stick catering to everyone else’s needs and demands, it’s easy to neglect yourself. Making time for self care can seem impossible in the midst of grueling 60+ hour work weeks, endless hours on your feet, and shaking cocktails until muscles you didn’t know existed ache. But neglecting your own health leaves you at risk for burnout, weight gain, injury and more.

Photo: iStock/ Borut Trdina

Photo: iStock/Borut Trdina

“We face the same obstacles that people in other career paths face — lack of time, money, motivation, resources — compounded by late hours and long shifts,” says Kirsten “Kitty” Amman, a former bartender and server who is now Boston’s brand ambassador for The Perfect Purée and, incidentally, a yoga instructor.