What's Next

As of today, I’m officially “retired” from the PR business. It seemed like the perfect day to launch my new website, dedicated to those things and people that inspire me.

It’s a bittersweet departure, as I’ve been doing PR in some capacity or another since graduate school, where I stumbled into the Communications Office at the Ohio Arts Council as an intern, and they wouldn’t let me leave until more than a year later when I physically left the state of Ohio. I love my clients and the work they do in our community. I’m fortunate enough to have more than decade-long relationships with reporters and producers, many of whom I now consider friends. I love writing and storytelling and sharing important messages. There’s nothing more satisfying than seeing your client on TV or in print or on the web, knowing you’re the reason thousands of people are learning about their good work, the highlight being a New York Times Magazine feature (*this* close to being a cover) a year in the making three years ago.

But I’m also a person who can’t say no. One with many interests and activities, and gradually, the work of keeping up with PR retainer clients while teaching almost daily, training for my Boston qualifying (!!!!) marathon, spending time with my now six month old niece and other family in town, and pursuing additional freelance opportunities was exhausting. Not to mention I was failing miserably at that whole “having a life” thing, like actually seeing my friends, making my weekly music lessons, playing my childhood piano Tim lovingly had tuned for me at Christmas, traveling, cooking healthy meals, and not letting a month’s worth of laundry pile up on the bedroom floor. Between January and my marathon on March 7, I had no more than 24 hours off in a row, and those days off usually included a two to three hour run.

It has been a leap of faith, but three months after announcing my intention to the universe, I’ve started teaching at two new Pilates studios, which a third location in process. I got my TRX certification (eight hours of training the day after my 23 mile long run). I’ve doubled my teaching hours. I’ve secured two new freelance writing jobs. I’ve actually left town for a few days and am just now starting to wake up in the morning without frantically checking emails. I'm (gasp!) teaching TWO classes at 6:15 A.M.

This is the year of I turn 40, and though the transition wasn’t intentionally planned this way, the timing seems perfect for a milestone year. A BQ. Becoming an aunt. Pursuing my lifelong dream of freelance writing. Continuing to seek advanced training in Pilates. Moving into the “masters” category of running, with some pretty big goals and dreams.
The journey is just beginning, and I’m grateful to you all for being a part of it.

Image courtesy of Speek.